Footy Boots and Sports Bags donated to Montrose FIDA

On Sunday 30th June Rotary Lilydale members attended the Montrose Football Club, to present the FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) team members, with Football boots and Sports Bags.
The footy boots and bags were sourced and supplied by Rotary Donations in Kind, West Footscray. (DIK). 
Our thanks was to see the smiles on the faces of the team - everyone was very happy and excited.
Lilydale Rotary has also assisted the team to purchase new equipment for this season.
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Andrew Ermel receives 2024 Casey Volunteer award

Congratulations to Lilydale Rotarian Andrew Ermel (PHF) who received a 2024 Casey Volunteer Award.
Andrew was amongst 52 individuals and 20 community groups that had their volunteer work recognised by Aaron Violi MP.
The award recognised Andrew's service to Rotary, the CFA and Basketball.
Congratulations Andrew - well deserved!
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RYDA - Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

Today, members of Rotary Lilydale volunteered at a Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) session at the Box Hill Institute of TAFE (Lilydale Lakeside Campus).
RYDA is a partnership which supports students and teachers with the tools and understanding they need to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens. Taking, largely, a student inquiry learning approach, RYDA provides students with the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads as both drivers and passengers throughout their lives.
If the RYDA program, and/or volunteering via Rotary is of interest to you please contact Rotary Lilydale or Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) web site:
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RORPS - Rotary Overseas Recycling of Playgrounds

Volunteers spent the morning decommissioning a redundant play ground in Badgers Creek.
In the past, these redundant play grounds typically ended up as landfill. But via the ‘Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds’ (RORP) program, they are diverted from landfill by being dismantled, shipped, and rebuilt at an overseas location that would typically not have access to this type of equipment.
Today’s activity is a great example of Rotarians taking relatively small actions while making a BIG DIFFERENCE!
Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this project
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High Tea - First Impressions Clothing Exchange 2024

A wonderful afternoon at the First Impressions Clothing Exchange (FICE) Fundraiser & High Tea, raising funds to continue their programs assisting local women to re-engage with employment and achieve their goals.
FICE trainers provide ongoing support, programs and networking events to instil confidence and help women enter the paid workforce, including through their clothing exchange.
Lilydale Rotary Volunteers provided the High Tea for this event for a second year.
Thank you to Renee and all FICE participants, mentors and community members for making this fundraiser such a success, allowing FICE to continue their important work in our community.
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Again this year, Lilydale’s Rotary Club was on hand to supply breakfast to the Dawn Service attendees and RSL members as they looked to warm up back at the Anderson Street clubrooms.
It followed yet another beautiful dawn service at the Lilydale cenotaph, seeing thousands choosing to commemorate the day on Main Street, with emergency services, school students and community members laying wreaths in tribute.
Project Lead Barb Lawrence said it was a honour for the Club members to volunteer their time to help raise money for returned servicemen and women.
“Whilst the sausages are ‘gold coin donation’ it was really heart-warming to receive generous donations in memory of loved ones from local community members,” Barb said.
The Rotary Club of Lilydale will continue its partnership with Lilydale RSL in 2025 which will be the 110 years anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli.
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Rotary International 

Want to know more about the history and structure of Rotary International, or our global causes and programs? Or perhaps you'd like to make a tax deductable donation to Rotary Foundation? Visit 
RCL Members can Sign In at to stay informed. 
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District 9815 Updates

For the updates on District 9815 and the latest editions of the District Governor Monthly Newsletter and District 9815 Highlights visit:   
Or subscribe to receive the District Bulletin at:
RCL members, can Log in to access Member Area information. 
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Wishing Tree Gift Giving Project

Posted by Jenny SELWAY
by Mikayla Van Loon , Lilydale Star Mail -- reproduced with permission
Rotary Lilydale - Wishing Tree Gift Giving
 Having started with just 14 businesses who put their hands up to collect presents, project leader Gerry Van Horick said that it has since doubled to 30 businesses this year.
With the community engagement growing in the project, so too is the need to provide presents at Christmas to young people living in transitional housing or who just need some extra support.
 That’s why Rotary has partnered once more with Anchor and the Yarra Ranges Proactive Policing Unit, "to spread joy across the region to those who might be needing it the most" Anchor’s partnership and development lead Lauren Gordon said.
The staff at Anchor have been collecting ideas for presents and with Rotary Lilydale has created a tag system, so that gifts reach various age demographics and interests based on what has been asked for or mentioned by the kids themselves.
“On the tags are things like a Christmas tree or decorations. We never expected a child in their teens to ask for a Christmas tree,” Mr Van Horick said. “It shows they’re not only thinking about themselves but their family too.”
Leading Senior Constable Luke Egginton said the presents will go to those who are involved in local youth programs that Victoria Police run, particularly in the 14 to 16 age group, as well as to children that schools have identified as needing some extra support. “We’re involved with many schools at the moment and we have targeted programs for kids that are struggling in the form of positive leadership programs"
For more information please email
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Wishing Tree Gift Giving – Thank you Local Business and the community

This Christmas (2023) thirty-two Businesses and the local community participated in our 3rd annual wishing tree project.
Over 1,300 gifts for children ranging from 0-18yrs and $2,600 in gift cards were collected over November and early December from participating businesses and local donors.
The dream of the project was to make Christmas brighter for Children and families doing it tough in our local area.
Gift cards and presents were distributed through Anchor and the Lilydale Proactive Policing unit, with some donations also going to Dandenong Ranges Emergency relief service, Anglicare family services and Boorndawan William Aboriginal Healing Centre.
Anchor was able to give every child accessing their services a gift – with the message that the gifts had come from people in their local community.
The Lilydale Proactive Policing unit visited community housing, local caravan parks, individual families. Officers found the experience of bringing joy (with gifts) on their visits very positive and moving.
“Your efforts are transformative and brighten the paths of many who deserve kindness and care in their lives. Seeing the Wishing Tree Project continue to grow reminds me that we work in a very caring and compassionate community….
with the help of all of you we have manages to keep the magic alive at Christmas. I would like to acknowledge this incredible achievement ---making a difference, one young person at a time” Heidi Tucker CEO, Anchor
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Primary Schools Speech Competition 2023

Rotary Lilydale ran their annual Primary School Speech Competition on August 30th. This event was generously sponsored by Community Bank  - Mt Evelyn . Thank you to all the students that participated for a wonderful evening and  very high standard of public speaking. The winning students then attended our club meeting to present their speeches with great animation and conviction. The Rotary district finals will be held on 15th November - we wish them a great night!
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FICE - First Impressions Clothing Exchange High Tea

Rotary Lilydale Volunteers ran the catering for the FICE High Tea and Fashion Parade Fundraising event .
The First Impressions Clothing Exchange - is a program delivered by Cire Services. It aims to empower women to achieve their goals by providing training, support and an extensive range of affordable clothing.
Message from Renee at FICE - "We are thrilled to share the amazing news that FICE was able to raise over $6,000 thanks to the incredible support of our community and wonderful supporters. This success wouldn't be possible without the help of Lilydale Rotary, whose generosity helped us tremendously in achieving our goal. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the local businesses who went above and beyond in donating incredible goods and services for our auction. 
We are truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support for FICE and our mission to provide programs and services for women in our community.
Thank you all so much for your continued support!"
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Paul Harris Fellowship  Award - Ian and Helen Darvell

At Sunday's Changeover - Ian and Helen Darvell were presented with Paul Harris Fellowship Awards. Ian has been a member of Rotary Club of Lilydale for 26 years and both of them are true examples of  "Service above Self" Rotarians. The award was presented by Patrick Hartley (Past President , Past District Governor) - who was the president of the club when Ian joined in 1997. Ian and Helen have been involved in all areas of the club, particularly the Youth area of Focus. We thank them for everything they have contributed to the club. Ian was also offered an "Honorary Membership" to the club which he has accepted.
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Anzac Day 2023

ANZAC Day 2023

Members of Rotary Lilydale were up bright and early on ANZAC Day. President Jenny and President Elect Arun attended the Dawn Service at Lilydale and laid a wreath. Other members attended the service, and cooked the Gunfire Breakfast BBQ for the Lilydale RSL veterans and community members.
"We will remember them" "Lest we forget"
Feedback from the Lilydale RSL -
"ANZAC Day saw our first sausage sizzle with the team from Rotary Lilydale.
To Des, Barb and the team for an amazing show of professionalism. The service you provided us was like you had been doing this for years.
To see our Veterans, families and friends of the RSL being served so well by your team and our ladies was truly heart-warming.
On behalf of the Executive Committee and members of the RSL, we thank you for your assistance this year and look forward to a continued relationship in future events."
Janet McGregor
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Service- Be part of the Community

Are you interested in volunteering with Lilydale Rotary?

We are seeking community minded people who want to engage with the community and have fun at the same time!
If you think maybe this is you , please click here
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Donation In Kind and Rotary Lilydale


Your Title Here

Rotary Club of Lilydale (RCL) member Des makes regular deliveries to Donations In Kind Inc (DIK) with donations from members and businesses in Yarra Ranges. RCL has been a financial supporter of DIK Inc for 5 years. 
For more information about DIK please go to  If you have goods suitable for donation, please contact us.
Sr Hermione of the Resurrection Sisters with Des. Sr Hermione works tirelessly preparing a container of school supplies for Tanzania.
On Tuesday DES picked up school books from Tereasa from St Patrick’s school Lilydale.

Lower primary are first infant readers are the books most requested in the educational aisle. At this moment we are being asked to provide school materials and books for children learning English in Tonga, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tanzania, Kiribati and East Timor. 10 years ago, not long after I started volunteering in the aisle we were donated about 10 of these “giant” beautiful big books. They were immediately snapped up by an educational project. Never have we been donated any since. Often I have been asked for them. Recently, Isabel from RC Kew requested a couple for Nepal and it was sad to reflect that for 10 years we had not had any in stock.

To have Des arrive with a whole van load was incredible and so heartening. We will incrementally share these treasures with various teams providing resources. They really are the most valuable resource that could be provided in a school learning basic English.

On behalf of the many schools that will benefit from these beautiful books may I say a huge thankyou"
- Bronwyn from Donation in Kind. 
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Rotary’s Response to the 1918 Flu Pandemic

An estimated 500 million people worldwide became infected. Many cities closed theaters and cinemas, and placed restrictions on public gatherings. Rotary clubs adjusted their activities while also helping the sick.

This is how Rotary responded to the influenza pandemic that began in 1918 and came in three waves, lasting more than a year.

The Rotary Club of Berkeley, California, USA, meets in John Hinkel Park during the 1918 flu pandemic.

Photo by Edwin J. McCullagh, 1931-32 club president. Courtesy of the Rotary Club of Berkeley.

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Rotary at the Start of the United Nations

Rotary and the United Nations have a shared history of working toward peace and addressing humanitarian issues around the world.

During World War II, Rotary informed and educated members about the formation of the United Nations and the importance of planning for peace. Materials such as the booklet “From Here On!” and articles in The Rotarian helped members understand the UN before it was formally established and follow its work after its charter. 

Many countries were fighting the war when the term “United Nations” was first used officially in the 1942 “Declaration by United Nations.” The 26 nations that signed it pledged to uphold the ideals expressed by the United States and the United Kingdom the previous year of the common principles “on which they based their hopes for a better future for the world.” 


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Young Inventor Eco-Friendly Bricks Come Full Circle

Every hero has an origin story. “I was 10 years old when the entire journey started,” explains Binish Desai. It began with a cartoon called Captain Planet, an animated TV series from the 1990s about an environmentalist with superpowers. Desai can still recite the show’s refrain: Captain Planet, he’s our hero / Gonna take pollution down to zero! “That tagline stuck in my mind,” he says. “I wanted to do something to help Captain Planet.”

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History of Women in Rotary

Women are active participants in Rotary, serving their communities in increasing numbers and serving in leadership positions in Rotary. The 1989 Council on Legislation vote to admit women into Rotary clubs worldwide remains a watershed moment in the history of Rotary.
 “My fellow delegates, I would like to remind you that the world of 1989 is very different to the world of 1905. I sincerely believe that Rotary has to adapt itself to a changing world,” said Frank J. Devlyn, who would go on to become RI president in 2000-01. 
The vote followed the decades-long efforts of men and women from all over the Rotary world to allow the admission of women into Rotary clubs, and several close votes at previous Council meetings.
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